Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Does anybody know of good blog and/or web sites on food, restaurants, wine, ingredients, epicureanism, etc? I would like to communicate.
Talking about food and writing about food are the best fun after eating and drinking--maybe even cooking. In the days when England was deemed to have terrible food it was deemed impolite to talk about food at the table. Now that it has fabulous food, everybody does it as they always have in France and China.
The only other culture that I know of where it is infra dig to speak about food at table is the Samurai; but they didn't allow talking at table at all.


Hilda said...

I'm not sure because I don't participate in them (not enough time), but I believe that egullet has fairly decent online forums. Does that help at all?

Barbara said...

Thank you very much. i will give it a try. Best Barbara

Lisa said...

Hi Barbara:

There are a number of great sites that you should check out. In particular (and no particular order), I like:

Orangette -- http://orangette.blogspot.com
(the author, Molly, is in the process of writing a cookbook but started as a home cook/foodie)

Chocolate and Zucchini --
(The author, a parisian named Clotilde, has just released her first cookbook)

101 Cookbooks --
A site dedicated to the authors love of cookbooks and the recipes therein.

Gluten-Free Girl --
A food blog that a woman began when she realized she could no longer eat foods that contain gluten. She does a fine job of making delicious meals in spite of this.

Chowhound --

This is a community full of people who ask questions, share stories and talk about food. I find it entirely useful and fun.

I hope this helps. Most of the bloggers listed above link to other prominent food bloggers and each post usually comes with a lively conversation from readers about their recipes.