Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Micro Retro

It isn't just clothing that has fashion cycles and retro moments; the same thing is true of food and cooking. Microwave cooking seems to be making a new run at popularity. Almost everybody has one and even uses it; but they don't tend to think of what they do in it as cooking. Cooking is what they do on saturday for eight people. They feed the kids; they give their spouse something; or the whip up something or partially prepare dinner--vegetables, chicken and fish are favorites.

Nevertheless, since Microwave Gourmet came out in 1987--twenty long years ago--I haven't had the number of media requests for info, recipes, interviews and demonstrations as I have in the past month. It may be the heat: microwave cooking is cool, or it may just be the right moment.

I'm about shoot a segment for 20/20--exciting. I will give information on when it will air when I know.

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