Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Vegetables

Providentially, just as I have been writing about vegetables, into my purview has tumbles the brand newbook, A Canon of Vegetables, by Raymond Sokolov. I am enjoying it thoroughly and reccomend it highly. This shows that I am not altogether selfish and competitive as it is a contender for the same reader as my Vegetable Love although they are complementary in many ways.

I must say, however, that I am jealous of his erudition at the same time that I am enjoying it. I tend to think of myself as a research maniac. He, lover of words, etemology and ancient Greek in which just this past year he completed his doctorate with a theseis on an arcane poet, comes up with word derivations and tracings of agricultural lore that puts me to shame.

I can still hold my head up; but I think you will enjoy this along with 101 recipes.

I will return to my own last tomorrow.

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