Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Remedy for recipe theft

In my recent somewhat testy notes on recipe pilferage, I neglected what should be the first line of defense, personal communication. By happenstance, I recently stumbled upon a recipe of mine on the blog, Seriouseats.com. I knew this to be the production of a very responsible food person, Ed Levine. I e mailed and, almost immediately, he got back to me apologizing for the error and saying that it had come in a communication from a reader and that they would immediately correct it and give proper attribution. He did.

The site is terrific and has all the bells and whistles that I cannot afford. I highly reccomend visiting it-full of good stuff.

By the way, I have now had the time to introduce some tomato photos to the relevant bentries. It is a little late for this season; but you can save it for seed purchase time. I will be glad to answer questions on the different types of you send them to Ask Barbara on the web page, Bkafka.com

More pictures are coming. Do let me know if they add to your pleasure.

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