Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pesky Plastics

While admirable in result and in consciousness raising, the campaign to replace plastic bottled water with glass bottled waters is inadequate and barely touches the responsibility that we all--particualarly food professionals--hve to try to improve our relationship with the planet.

As to those bottles, the amount of energy used to recycle glass is very high. I am fortunate to have very good city water in New York and delicious well water in Vermont. Those without such assets, or with a deep fear of contaminents, should consider getting a good filtration system. It is important to remember as well that the largest amount of pollution is created by international shipping which has no regulations. Much of the water that we so eagerly consume no matter what the bottle comes to us from overseas or at the very least from distant sources using fossil fuels for transport.

While as individual, we have little control over the massive pollution of the environment, there are other steps that we can take to reduce our problems. Today, I will primarily address plastic; but I will return to the subject . When we shop for food, we can ask for paper bags and boxes. If we are picking up dog litter and feel that we are recycling, we should consider old newspaper. Ceramis bowls are, in any case, more attractive than plastic. Wooden cutting boards have been shown to be safer than plastic.

I'm sure that there are many more ways to limit our use of plastic. I'm afraid that the one that abuse most is plastic wrap and freezer containers. I welcome suggestions to help me better.

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