Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Slow Cooker

I almost never mention a product by name. I guess it's a hold over from all my years in publishing. Recently, however, I succumbed to orderingand buying a Sanyo Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker. All my japanese friends have rice cookers. I have yet to use this spiffy tool for rice; but I have used it twice as a slow cooker--once on the lowest setting and once on the higher.

I had a whole lot of odds and ends of vegetables in the refrigerator left from some testing I did and I also had some chicken legs left from a video shoot. I had no idea waht I was doing; but I made a vergetable soup on the higher setting and a chicken stew on the lower. They turned out very well. I do after all know hos to cook.

The advantages of the slow cooker are no watching and stirring and--like my buddy the microwave--no need for fat. I could go out and do my errands and come back to very good and even healthful meals. Thankfully , I like vegetables.

When I find out what I am doing, I will write a few recipes and you can tell me what you think.

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