Sunday, March 16, 2008


This is to encourage one and all to browse around the site. I keep adding things to various sections that don't seem to fit in comfortably in the blog...bits of equipment and cooking information or random high-power microwave cooking times as well as notes on web sites and people.

Today or tomorrow, I will post some notes on capers and a source for my preferred kind as well as a new way of using them.


Alanna said...

This is to encourage you :-) to publish full feeds (since you're not selling advertising and don't thus benefit from pageviews, plus it's an easy setting change on Blogger) so your posts can be read in RSS -- AND to write your titles in a straight-forward way, not a clever way so both readers and search engines can find them.

No need to approve this, I'd like you to do well at blogging, think you have much to share.

Barbara said...

Thanks; but I need help as a functional illiterate in internet tech. How do I do what you suggest. I will try.
The clever title thing is more of a problem..years of writing for magazines and newspapers; but again, I will try to discipline myself. Thank you