Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well, my hand is somewhat better. I will try to get back to work.
Had dinner last night at Picholine (35 West 64; 212 724 8585). It was terrific. My only quibble is that this perfect, close to Lincoln Center place has last seating at 10 sharp. There is an all-new modern decor and extraordinary service. Wines by the glass are very good--not the usual plonk. The original of New York's cheese cart with a very knowledgeable man in charge is still there. I ate very lightly as it was late night. There was an extraordinary freebie starter of a a crisp made from tapioca topped with an eggplant spread and a superb slice of raw salmon. I'm going to try to finagle the crisp recipe out of brilliant owner-chef, Terry Brennan. It is real original.
That is all the hand will do for today. See you tomorrow.

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