Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Venice Again

I'm back in the place that is the most relaxing for me in the world. After a seemingly endless season of jelly making and freezing, drying and cooking mushrooms, I need time away from a kitchen but I still love to eat.
There are people who say that one cannot eat well in Venice. Nonsense. I had a superb meal at da Fiori and another at Antiche Carampane. I wrote about them last year in the travel section and stand by my enthusiasm. At the second, i has the best assortment of raw fish, crudi, that I have ever had with the additional pleasure of tiny, fresh and tender grees. As a main course, they kindly made me a white polenta--without butter or cheese as I cannot eat them--and a squid in its ink that was also the best that I have ever had. The squid was thinly shaved and cooked until tender without being at all mushy. It was also the best I have ever eaten. For dessert there was what they call a lemon sorbet but which is really fresh, fruit, frothy and semi-liquid. That one I will try when I get home. i I manage anything near as good you should have it within the month.


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Barbara said...

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