Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fish Tale

I have need of a new word. Recently, I asked several--for different meals--forthcoming guests that I didn't know well if they had any dietary restrictions. Everybody seems to have some these days. Four responded that they were vegetarians; but that they ate fish. Are they piscatorians? No, because they also eat fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and eggs. Maybe they are just anti-carnivores. What do you think would be a good term?


Paul Levy said...

Inconsistent omnivores. Or what about "picky eaters"?

Daniel said...

A fun head-scratcher: what to call someone who eats dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruit, grains and fish.
None of those items have legs so maybe those folks are restricting their diets to legless foods. Call them "Leglessers."
Dummerston Dan

Barbara said...

Paul, as always, is correct; but all other sorts of eaters have names and I think these deserve one if only so cooks know what they are getting into. Leglessers is tempting but not seductive. I'm still looking for something without an immediately pejorative connotation. More suggestions?

Frank said...

I don't think leglessers quite works, since my wife falls into this category, and she does eat lobsters and crabs.

Playing off "vegetarians", why not "fishetarians"?