Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Human Mushroom Drama and Milk Weed

I promise that after this I will lay off mushrooms for a while; but there were two things that I couldn't resist today.

I have always let my milkweed (thistle) grow ripe and go to seed not for my direct benefit but because they are a favorite food of the beautiful migrating Monarch butterfly.

A communication from a reader that can be found in the "Ask Barbara" section of the web site with my longish reply gives a potential other reason for letting it grow. It also prompts me to warn about loving hands at home again.

On The Other Hand:

Many years ago, after a gelid swim in a Maine lake, I was told a story by an eighty-year-old Dutch doctor. She lived through the Second World War in Holland. It was bitterly unhappy under Nazi domination without enough to eat.
In the days after the Nazis left, the population which had been forced to stay in the city rushed out into the woods to pick wild mushrooms.

Food and Freedom; I will never forget.

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