Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Mexico, MoreJeremiah, More Pig

it wasn't just fish, but chicken and perhaps most of all pork. When Jeremiah came to lunch, I made him one of my roasted pork loins--there were lots of people--that had been rubbed with a ground up mixture of salt and garlic with a hint of fresh grated pepper, pale green. We drank Champagne that we had brought from Mexico city. We both like it and Jeremiah says that due to the heat in his part of Mexico all the Champagne is maderized. I suppose beer would have done as Mexican beer is excellent; but I really don't enjoy beer. It makes me feel bloated.
When Jeremiah came bringing lunch, it was also pig, but much more Mexican. He just sent me an e mail explaining and I quote.

We started with snacks of chicharron and then had costillas, the little ribs that here are called castacan, but in the market is called chicharra
a few little pieces of the the cachete
and the one you like: el buche with the brains. It was cooked in the black chili sauce with white onions and whole habaneros
There was also Cochinita Pibil, a slow braised pork leg with annatto seed, the bitter orange of the Yucatan (Seville) all wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked traditionally underground
I avoided bringing the morcillas of blood sausages cooked in the black chili sauce

I'm not sure i will ever get the nuances of meaning correct; but it was all delicious. The el buche reminded me of a superior haggis, meaning it was stuffed in the stomach.

If anyone can enlighten me further I would be ecstatic.

Some confusion may exist because of the local pride in maintaining the Maya language and traditions--something to be proud of indeed. I learned a few words; but I am afraid that they are all gone.

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