Friday, January 16, 2009

Pujol..Mexico DF

Ironically my nex favorite restaurant in Mexico is Pujol. Ironic because I just got done with doing a dispute with Wiley Dufresne of New York's WD 50...not a motor a oil, a restaurant. He is to a great extent a follower of Spain's Fernand Adria--a mini-plague on his house. The food was good; but I was put off by the endless cans of chemicals in the kitchen.
Imagine my surprise then to taste the Pujol food and have the certainty that here was anither Adria disciple. The food was elegant and excellent and it was more a sensation of being in aligned creation.No gringo translations here; but the severs were helpful. Check your dictionary. There were only two of us so I cannot report on too many dishes. The carnits de lechon (pi), consome de sala verde, guacamole, tortilla hecho a mano was sensational as was the costilla cortes de res (short tibs of beef( braise in a forma de mole de olla.
Among the first sourse, I can recommend the Zanhorias (would you believe carrots) glassadas con chile guajillo, boliilo, vichysoisse, queso ramoneti, andthe Asparragos (asparagus) habas (beans), flores y quelites con holandes de chile de arbol, cachuate y esencie de trufa.
As you can see nothing was simple; but everything as good.
There were even some dessert othe than flan which was also true at Izote...
Good Iinternational wine list. Not cheap, but worth the splurge.
Incidentally all the restaurants now seem to call for elegant casual dress which seems to means pants for theladies, but not blue jeans and no ties for the men.
Try to avoid three to four pm which seems to be the time for large noisy office parties.
On to Merida, my next stop and next entry.

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