Friday, January 16, 2009


Don't eat there, an inferior Schraffts;t but do look at the mother ship building which is covered in
Talavera tiles and well worth seeing. Much more important is the home and work shop Of Luis
Baragan. It was he who brought the vibrant colors of Mexico into houses. You need to make reservations. Check ahead with your conceirge. While you are at it, see if they can get you into any of the private homes that he did.
The house is odd. The man must have had the soul of a monk as the private rooms are small with low ceilings and he was six fee six tall. The beds are narrow and the walls have many religious pictures. The public rooms are spacious and the windows arranged in such a way as to show the gardens which are savage and shady.
The best for last. Climb to the roof and feast your eyes on the empty space with the brilliantly colored walls.
It is impossible to go any place in Mexico without seeing his influence. There is some inversion because now what were the soberly colored outer walls are often brilliant as well. The earlier form reflected the Mexican habit of plain outside walls and inner patios,
I you can find any Ligorato--he was the prize pupil--do go. They are sensational. We have friends in San Miguel Allende who had them make a house--sober outside--sensational.
I know that this is a food blog; but I cannot resist a note on beauty from time to time.

alavera tiles and worth seeing.

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