Saturday, May 16, 2009


Coming up in travel in a day or so is a round up of Chicago restaurants.
Lest i sound like a stomach-driven philistine, I remind you that this city is home to a a great museum, the Art Institute, a famous symphony and the theater companies that started the improv movement and to some of the most extraordinary architecture in America. Frank Lloyd Wright began here and there are tours of the private homes that designed in a suburb. Any good concierge can help. Sadly, much of the work of Louis Sullivan has been destroyed; but what remains is marvelous. he created Sever hall at Harvard and the brilliant County Court House and Jail in Pittsburgh. Much later, Mies Van der Rohe, who was fleeing from World War II, brought the elegant Bauhaus style of steel and glass to the city. More recently, The Pritzker Building named after the man and family that presents one of the most prestigious prizes in architecture was created by Frank Gehry.


Lori Lynn said...

It's my town. The architecture and art are terrific. the restaurants are fabulous, and the people mighty friendly too. Where did you eat?

Barbara said...

read the travel section of the blog; let me know what you think.