Thursday, November 5, 2009

Offal Obsession

I return to my last blogs with my usual tenacity. You must tell me if I am talking to myself--a bad sign.
Offal, innards and their many varieties interest me because I like to eat them and have enjoyed them as parts of many regional dishes.Although often to food of the poor, they are also the signature dishes of the foods of many countries. I did mention kidneys, sweetbreads, tongue and others; but a appalled to notice that I left out tripe needed for the New Year's celebration food in Mexico, menudo, and compound dishes such as head cheese (tete de Veau) and haggis. I cannot claim to be equally fond of all of them; but it is impossible to know the cooking of their traditional countries such as the many sausages made with these organ meats or the mixed grills such as kokoretsu.
Now, what do you think? what interests you?


BHicks said...

Let's not forget the Brazilian Feijoada. If it's tripe you crave Bibou in South Philly is superb. It's a very close second to L' Ami Louis in Paris where they use the second stomach rather than the first. Thus it is like the most tender veal. Tete de Veau has never been treated any better than by Joel Robuchon. If you go for the Tete let's not forget the Chicken in Vessie. Speaking of bladders and kidneys. The kidneys at Bernard Loiseau are devine. Second thought keep the kidneys, I would pay the 65€ just for the roasted kidney fat.

Anonymous said...

I am intereted in kidneys and pate. One problem - my spouse can't eat gluten, dairy, soy or eggs. Most of the pate recipes I have seen call for dairy or eggs. I am a bit reluctant to experiment even though the ingredients really aren't all that expensive. It is mostly a time issue.

Barbara said...

The well traveled eater is no hick. (Sorry, I couldn't resist _is dead on. In fact, roasting a veal kidney in all its fat is delicious--two for one. I also omitted the wonderful sausage where the innards are stuffed with innards. They even have their own soviety and official recipe.

I have several of your husbands problems. I promise a safe pate next week

Howard said...

Barbara, I think that innards should undergo psychoanalysis. It would loosen their hardened connective tissues and make them easier to cook. This
process works, I'm told, in Viennese cooking. If they
are too mushy, give them to a Jungian.