Monday, July 26, 2010

Turnip Treat

This has been a very odd growing season in Vermont. My Gilfeather turnips--usually a fall vegetable are full size and whitely round at present. I pulled a couple--huge--peeled them and cut them in wedges about half an inch at the outer edge. I was roasting a small chicken just three and a half pounds for the two of us. That meant thirty-five minutes in a 500 degree oven. I put the chicken in the center of the roasting pan and surrounded it with turnip wedges that I slicked on all sides with olive oil. I turned the wedges over about half way through the cooking time. When I took the pan from the oven, the wedges were dark brown and some looked slightly charred; but they were delicious particularly with the chicken.


Charles G Thompson said...

That sounds like a lovely meal. I have to remember to cook chicken at a higher heat for a shorter time like you do. I normally roast chicken at about 375 for 50 or so mins.

joven said...

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