Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disgrace...Doughnut holes

Today, I was mortified. I was asked by the art director at Artisan Books which will publish my forth coming book, The Intolerant Gourmet, which is about all kinds of food from snacks through main courses to desserts to make some of my delicious Chestnut Doughnut Holes to be photographed for the back cover of the book. These are particularly tasty snacks due to the subtle sweetness of chestnut flour.
I have made them at least a dozen times and they were light and crisp and gobbled up. I'm a fanatic about having my recipes work. Well the first batch was a disaster. I made another but it wasn't perfect. I realized that things to be fried crisp don't work well in desperately humid weather such as we are having. I got just enough to get some decent pictures. If you make them from the recipe in the book which is, of course, gluten and lactose free, do it in late fall or winter.
Then you won't be ashamed as I was. I must add that the misshapen, crisp bits were not discarded, but eagerly eaten by those around.
Good luck and try a soup or stew without flour as a thickener.

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