Thursday, May 31, 2007

La Grenouille

Last night I had dinner at La Grenouille, one of New York's oldest fancy French restaurants. It was a very mixed bag. i hated the decore which was a mish mash of ill assorted reds and mirrors. The flowers as always were spectaular. they are famous for them. Unfortunately, from my point of view, the mix contained many beautiful large white lilies. Beautiful they may have been but the scent was over whelming. We should all be careful to avoid extrmely fragrant blooms around food. A great part of the enticement of of food is its smell. When that is over whelmed by other scents, the food is lelss alluring.

What was nice was that they had quenelles. These used to be a hallmark of a fine French restaurant when I was young, Now, they have almost disappeared. it may be that the advent of the food processor made them too easy to make. I still think they are diffiult and when good sublime.

My dish--a special of the evening--was billed as chicken provencale. It was dry and dreary--enough to give provence a bad name. In a week or so i will try to give a recipe for this dish that will be adorable. You will need to poke the button for recipe of the week on the home page:

Soon salads and veg should be local that will be a delight as well as virtuous. What good is organic if a fierce amount of fossil fuel is used for transport? As much as you can, eat local. It also supports small farms.

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