Saturday, June 2, 2007

Launching a cookbook

Well, the booksellers both from the publishing houses and the stores are in town for a major sales meeting which makes for frantic activity for those--such as myself--who have books to sell: remember to go to my home page at and buy any books you are missing. I am shameless.

Last night Peter Workman of Workman Publishing, the over all company of Artisan which publishes my Soup a Way of Life and Vegetable. It was very gala on the roof garden of 620 Fifth Avenue part of Rock Center. There was a bit of a drizzle that didn't seem to bother anybody. There was also an inside space with a very good buffet and free umbrellas--yes, I took one--to keep us sugar babes from melting; I think mainly the hair. They passed shrimp skewered on sugar cane and grilled, slim elegant versions of quesadillas as well as fairly robust pizza. I mainly ate very good prosciutto from the array inside. i think my waist shows it today. I did look smashing as everybody said. I think it took only two hours to suit up. I remember when it took ten minutes including brushing my then long black hair.

To see me today go to my web page or to the James Beard Foundation pages. i did a ggood job for that also. No modesty here just good old-fashioned work.

My best fun was seeing all the wonderful people such as Peter, Amy Corley, Danielle Costa, Jaime Harder, Nicki Clendenning and, of course my super editor, Ann Bramson (25 years and counting) with whom I have had a chance to work over the years. There is a new managing editor who seems very active and has energetic ideas for the web site. Unfortunately, with all the noise, I didn't get his name; but you and I can look forward to the future.

This reminds me that i learned to my shock yesterday that Philadelphia is now an all wi fi city. The future is now.

Food, god bless it, can not be snatched off the internet. It keeps us centered so keep cooking. i don't have to remind you to keep eating but perhaps a kind word for eating well and in families or friendly groups will not go amiss.

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