Monday, January 7, 2008

Barbara Kafka Travels

I suppose I should really say sagas. It is a case not of no good deed goes unpunished but that of no good intention goes unpunished. I vowed to myself that this trip--to Mexico--I would not get derailed from my blog friens and that I would take a computer with me and post regularly.

Well, I packed the computer--foolish I know--and got on board my flight to Mexico City where I transfered to a small plane to go to Huatulco. I arrived; but my baggage was nowhere to be seen. Down hearted, I left my info with the airline and proceeded to beach and bed. Two days later, my bags arrived much to my relief. To my horror, the computer had been extracted from its case along with the air card and all other froms of communication except my phone which was in my pocket.

It is my deduction that either the theif was a woman or a man with a small girl friend as all my bathing suits and sun proof swim shirts were gone as well along with the computer and a digital camera.

I called the phone company and turned off the aircard and flapped my paws in dispair. If I were more computer literate--I'm an idiot--I would no doubt have been able to use the computer of another family member; but it was very different from mine. Mostly, I missed the little red button--IBM--in the middle of the keyboard that allows me to type rapidly as I don't have to remove my fingers from the keys. I just could not get the hang of the sliding do-hickey that served as a way to move around and I constantly lost track of the cursor.

I suppose that even I with enough practice could have learned to function; but it would have eaten my entire vaacation. It's a case of the dog eating the homework.

I am now back at my desk and I will try to catch up. I had some wonderful food, great scenery and adventures. More to come

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