Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kafka Microwave Trout

I rashly declared in Microwave Gourmet that this form of cooking was my favorite for fish unless the fish was to big to fit when I would probably roast it--see Roasting a Simple Art.
Tonight, I returned to the microwave to make one perfect trout ample for one, a first course for two. I made it in my new more powerful oven if any of you are still with me. I sliced up some onions and put them around the trout in a rectangular glass dish just large enough to hold it. I drizzled a little olive oil and kosher salt on top and squeezed on the juice of a half a lemon. I covered the dish tightly with microwave plastic wrap. It didn't touch the fish. I microwaved it on high for three and a half minutes; perfect.

I had made a salad and baked a potato in the regular oven set at 500 degrees and that was dinner. Light, healthful and satisfying.

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