Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chris Styler & Me

My dear Chris Styler, a long-time friend and associate and author with me of Vegetable Love has a fabulous Web site: I tried to put it in as a link; but I'm not too good at this so you can just go there on your own if I have failed.

Proudly and selfishly, I tell you that he won a prestigious award for an article that he did on us for Food Arts. If you go to his site and search for me, you can read the whole article.

One of the great joys of this field is the relationships with the people in it and especially the people in it who have worked with me and have gone on to forge their own success. Over time, I will tell you some of their stories.

By the way, is there anybody out there who would like me to write about my life in food over the past forty-seven years and the ownderful people whom I have been fortunate enought to have known?

Do let me know.


Corby said...

Yes dear! the more and the more often the better.

Alanna from Kitchen Parade said...

Hi Barbara,

Welcome to blogging! (Yes there's lots to learn. For other readers, the link to Chris' site is )

For nearly three years now, I've written a food blog 100% about vegetables (along with my food column, Kitchen Parade). Naturally, I'm a fan of Vegetable Love - what an incredible resource.

I look forward to learning about your other activities here on the blog!

Barbara said...

I would love it when nice correspndents mention their own blogs if they would leave me their address so that I can read them. I even think others who come to this site might like a link.

Alisa said...

I would love to read about your life in food over the last forty-seven years. What an important time, when many consider "American" food to have come into its own!

Alanna said...

Hi Barbara,

Don't worry, good bloggers are all about leaving their links so that others can find them (and Google/other publishing platforms make it easy to do this).

Of course this is abused by "spam bloggers" who leave what 'read' like real comments but leave that same 'real' comment on dozens of blogs within a few minutes.

Lots to learn about blogging, it'll come!