Thursday, February 28, 2008

Easily Annoyed

Well, actually I have been rather patient for me. Several years ago, I noted the insidious creep of "crispy" into the culinary language and market place. Crisp is a perfectly good adjective as in crisp weather, crisp linen and crisp celery. Why the invention of an unneeded word. Surely, writers and speakers did not mean to imply crispish or not quite crisp. Did they feel that crisp had been worn out. I say fie upon it.

Also, although I highly recommend the description of the classic method for making rissotto as extensively reported in the, I really believe that for most of us my foolproof microwave method in Microwave Gourmet with almost no stirring is safer and more reasonable. Tomorrow, there will be a recipe for the new higher power microwaves as recipe of the week.

Well, those are off my chest.

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