Thursday, March 6, 2008

Promises..kept and unkept

I mean well; but sometimes I promise more than I can do. I realized that I promised a high powered new risotto recipe. Well, I only had a cup and a half of Arborio rice in the cupboard and I realized that I had already given a recipe in the recipe section for a shrimp risotto that used that amount of rice and could serve as a general guidline. So I skipped it. Tomorrow, I will make an artichoke bottom and lemon risotto--all ingredients in house so it should be okey.

The struggle with slow cookers continutes leaving me feeling less than brilliant. I bought a largish fancy new machine. I'm not mad for it; but it does let me see what I had guessed would be the case that it is not just size that varies but also power--heat--at various settings. Yes, I have been here before in the days of the thirteen microwave ovens in one kitchen let alone the others that I was using. Well, time will tell. I did do a Chicken in Pot Likker that was pretty good and when I get it under control, it will join us.

My ego did get a boost tonight when I made a new cabbage dish to go with pork chops that I think is smashing. This one is under control and will pop in the next day or so in the recipe of the week along with the the pre-promised risotto. Apologies; good intentions are not everything. Good night.

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