Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Microwave Reality

It's amazing to me that people are just now coming to or rediscovering the microwave.

I was, of course, flattered by Mark Bittman's coverage in today's New York Times. It feels a little odd as I wrote a microwave cooking column for them for several years and also Microwave Gourmet.

I would just add to Mark that cooking eggplant in the microwave oven also provides a much better color--pale green, not puce. In my book Party Food, I have several recipes using eggplant cooked this way.


gberg said...

Just wanted to say that I was at least a little skeptical about this, but used your microwave risotto recipe (the one for shrimp and peas) as a basis for our dinner last night and was so delighted by the results.
Thank you for once again making my time in the kitchen much more effective!

Barbara said...

Thank you..Yes, no matter what the "purists" say, it works.

Richard said...

The rissotto recipe alone makes the Microwave Gourmet a classic! And who would ever want to cook an artichoke any other way?