Sunday, March 30, 2008

Onion Puree Recipe...Slow Cooker

A few days ago one of the last of the remaining onions pulled from the garden last fall sprouted a handsome green scape. I knew it was time to deal with its fellows before they all turned decorative rather than comestible. As I didn't want to stir endlessly and onions due to their sugar content scorch easily if not stirred, I bethought me of the new slow cooker.

I peeled the onions, cut off the root and stem ends, and ended up with two-and-a-half pounds of cleaned onions that I then cut into quarter-inch dice making almost twelve cups of onions. I removed any traces of already sprouting green. I put the onions in the slow cooker stirring well with a quarter cup of olive oil. I set the timer for 4 1/2 hours; but ended up cooking them for slightly more than 8 hours. I couldn't resist stirring from time to time and even tasting; but neither was really needed. At the end, I had just under 4 cups of slightly browned, well-cooked onions with most of their abundant water cooked out.

I froze them in half-cup batches. They are now saved to be the start of stews and risottos or to be added into rich soups as they cook. I must remember when using them in recipes that they represent a three to one reduction.

It was a day well spent, but by the slow cooker, not me. I read books and wrote.

Incidentatlly, if a few remaining shallots creep in, they will be welcome.


Mary Coleman said...

This is brilliant! Thanks for the tip!

Barbara said...

thank you...hope it works let me know

Sean McLeod said...

You know, the slow cooker is THE best way to prepare caramelized onions, which I've done many times. I made some over the weekend and used them as the starter for a Moroccan chickpea and carrot stew and will be using the rest to make a tart of caramelized onions, blue cheese, and bacon from a Washington Post recipe I saw last week.

Barbara said...

A tardy thank you for a somewhat late comment. More ideas? Chime in.