Sunday, May 11, 2008

White Asparagus and Hollandaise Sauce inspired by a Spargelhof

Thank you Dr. Quigg for responding to my plea. In honor of his wonderful letter (below) and photo, this week's new recipe (to be posted shortly) will be for White Asparagus in Hollandaise Sauce.

Dear Barbara,
After a vegetal adventure just North of Karlsruhe, I looked at your
blog and learned of your surgery. I hope that recovery
is swift and complete. I am in Germany for two months on the first
leg of a Humboldt prize, and one of my hosts took me
tonight to a Spargelhof, a roadside tent in which white asparagus
from the neighboring fields features in every dish. It
seems to be quite the springtime local institution. Here is the
Spargel part of my dinner, served with the regional equivalent
of jambon blanc and jambon cru on the side. May it bring a smile to
your face.

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