Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Neat trick

I have been very busy preserving the food from the garden and even making new recipes.
Yesterday, I came up with a neat new trick. I had made a soup with the over-aged green bean base, cooked sorrel puree and some chicken stock. It needed some body, In the blender, I pureed the rinsed contents of a can of chick peas and pureed them with two tables spoon of olive oil and some of the soup. I combined them with the remaining soup and it worked perfectly.
I used four cups of string bean base, 1 cup of cooked sorrel, 2 cups of chicken stock and three teaspoons kosher salt. Served hot, it fed 6 amply.
I am going to try this thickening in other recipes. It is easy and has the added benefit of adding a solid boost of protein

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