Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jeremiah Tower

Like the rest of my world, the food world is full of talented eccentrics, gifted people often with several strings to their bow. Typical of nothing but the profile of many of my friends is the extraordinary Jeremiah Tower. I first met him via Jim Beard when he was living in San Francisco and had recently been the chef for Alice Waters. Many would say that he really founded the food style of the restaurant.
He wanted to have his own restaurant and would go on to have Santa Fe Bar and Grill and Stars. Stars led to a world-wide sprinkling of restaurants. He wrote cookbooks and became famous. We got on fabulously and went on to become friends.
To my surprise given information by another eccentric friend--of whom more another day--James Villas, I found that he was living in Merida, today a city of over a million in the Yucatan. We made contact and I found that he had changed more than his address. He had been trained as an architect at Harvard and he was restoring Spanish Colonial house in Merida as well as playing with other real estate ventures.
I will be seeing him soon as I asked him to find me a nearby house on the beach to enjoy with my family over the holidays. He did and I expect to see him and to cook with him. I will give more of an update later.
I'm sure that he is still tall and gorgeous and interesting.


Anonymous said...

Barbara..Can you please write me ?
Thank you.
Victoria Damato-Moran

Lori Lynn said...

Hi Barbara - looking forward to hearing about your time in Mérida, especially what you cook there! Wishing you and your family very happy holidays and a wonderful 2009!

Lori Lynn

Barbara said...

Victoria, think I sent you an e mail

Barbara said...

Lori...will do...just got back with a mild tourista. Lots of fish. In a day or two look at the blog again. I will have recovered. Thanks for the interest