Monday, December 8, 2008

Scarcity Causes New Recipes

This past weekend I had a vegan over for dinner. It isn't usually a problem. I decided on a mushroom risotto. I had frozen and dried a lot over the summer. Piece of cake. I had a jar of splendid, fat, Spanish white asparagus for a first course but then it occurred to me no egg yolks, no sauce. That was when scarcity hit. I rummaged in the cabinets and didn't even have any canned chickpeas to make my new sauce. I did have a can of tiny little peas for which I have a low-taste weakness. I though: "why not?" if chickpeas can work why not another starch. I put the peas in the food processor and whirled until pureed. I added two large cut up garlic cloves, a quarter cup of olive oil and the juice of half of a Meyer lemon (another kind can be used but a little more may be needed). I processed until the whole thing was smooth and salted to taste. I let it sit for an hour to mellow and it was terrific. I could even replace a guacamole. I t made a bout a cup and a half.


Corby Kummer said...

Sounds terrific! Recipe please. And would it work with frozen peas, or is this the Lost Use of canned baby pease? And what was the brand of the splendid fat white Spanish asparagus?

Barbara said...

The asparagus came from La Don't remember name. The info in the post should be able to be used as a recipe; but I will put a real one on week' recipe soon. Enjoy