Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm back. To atone for absence and the latest blogs with their fatty talk of mayonnaise, I will now admit to having several vegan friends. While I do not follow their path, I have come across the most radical defense of their basic position recently. For those who wish to live forever, there is information on the web site of The Department of Nutrition Harvard School of Public Health. There go your steaks and chops.
While I don't totally agree, it is very worthwhile to have the whole position stated clearly. I have seen many extreme diets proposed and health pyramids drawn. Some are wrong and some have made a contribution. The Harvard pyramid is worth looking at.
I am concerned with the possibility of anemia for women a good deal younger than I with the absence of red meat. I am suspicious of supplements as a replacement for foods. In the past, we have seen the necessity of certain nutrients needing to be consumed in a complex arrangement with other elements with which they naturally occur.
Alice Waters is right: gardens are good for us, organic is good for us and so forth; but so is citrus which is hardly an option for most northern dwellers. The other rich source of vitamin C is--oddly enough--potatoes with their skins which are drummed put of school by the Harvard group due to their high glycemic index, meaining that their carbohydrates enter the system extremely rapidly.
Balance is, of course, the answer, but where the fulcrum sits I do not know.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! How about potatoes with mayo for an improved glycemic load. I'm not entirely kidding...

Barbara said...

I would hate to be a traitor to American potato salad which I dearly love; but it certainly-despite the olive oil--would be risking diabetes if it were in my genes. Why only partly kidding???