Thursday, April 30, 2009

Over Taken

I'm no chicken and I am a pro. In my time I have been preempted-mainly from television--by breaking news, hurricanes, political events, special guests an a variety of oddities. I even had an OP Ed piece requested by the Times bumped for political coverage. However yesterday was the only time I have been swamped by a president. It turned out that the time that I was doing the live interview was the time of Obama's speech. It was very good and I caught it later. I had to do a lot of talking to fill the time. I like to talk, but really. Even the streets were empty as I came home.
They will probably rebroadcast it at some point. I may be able to post it to my web site, at some point if anyone is interested. I encourage you to become a member--not for me--they have some exciting things planned. Once you are a member, it is easy to sign in.
Next event, watch out world, goodness knows what the heavens will provide.

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