Tuesday, May 5, 2009

James Beard Awards

Last night were the awards with a host of foodies, chefs, writers, restaurant owners and the curious. I played the Joan Rivers role of red carpet question for a program that will run on Devour...more when it's up.
Ella Brennan received the same award that I got, The Lifetime Achievement Award. Very well deserved not only for her work in New Orleans at the Commander's Palace and the other Brennan restaurants, but also for the careers that she has sponsored and nourish. To name just the most obvious, Paul Prudhomme and Emeril Legasse. Emeril had the privilege of actually presenting her with awerd.
She was the only one to talk about Jim. It seems that first we pass away. Then, we pass into history and later are forgotten. It certainly prevents a swelled head; but it seems terribly ungrateful. Jim deserves better. He made an enormous difference to food in America whether it was by being a man in the kitchen, by featuring grilling (a male pursuit), or by writing about and promoting American chefs and American food. I miss him greatly. If you haven't read it, try to get your hands on the Fireside Cookbook. It is extraordinary in organization and content.
I was glad to see that close friend Corby Kummer got yet one more well-deserved award.
It was good to know and be friendly with so many of the people I got to interview as well as many others. Besides, I am a ham and love being on. Shameful isn't it?
The other shame was the number of ches and owners wh have let themselves get fat.

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