Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roasted Onions

I thought that in Roasting A Simple Art I had roasted almost everything. Well, the other night I pulled some smallish onions--about two inches in diameter--from the garden. After cleaning and trimming, I put them around a chicken that I was roasting--my easy stand-by--slicked them with olive oil and roasted for forty-five minutes turning every ten minutes or so until they were a uniform dark brown. They were sensational.
To roast onions alone, choose a pan large enough to hold them in a single layer without touching. Use two tablespoons of oil for each four onions. Moe oil is needed to replace the chicken fat. Enjoy.


The Gardener's Eden said...

Hello Barbara,

I haven't tried roasting any of my onions this year - but I have heard that Cipollino, (or Cipollini depending upon the size I suppose), are quite good roasted with tomatoes. Of course, I imagine they are superb on their own. I shall try your method.

Now I am going to seek out your onion soup recipe.

All the best,

Barbara said...

thank you. Any questions just "ask Barbara" on the web site