Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saute without flour

In recent attempts to saute foods that are usually dredged with flour without dredging, I have had some victories. The best has been skinning the chicken and then sauteing it in a small amount of olive or other vegetable oil. Skinning the chicken is easy--even easier if you can get the butcher to joint it and remove the skin. Otherwise, stick a fingernail under the skin and then the whole finger. Wiggle and slide it around and then pull the skin off. An added advantage is the reduction in calories and skimming.
Keep the neck, wing tips and giblets--not livers--for stock. Ruthlessly collect the bones whose meat has served as food and any carcass and simmer for six to eight hours. When sieved, there should be about a quart of stock. Freeze if not using immediately. It will take about eight minutes to defrost in a microwave oven.

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