Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flax Seed?

It's amazing what happens when ingredients new to me collide in the kitchen. I was working on ameat loaf problem. I will solve it. As I was wandering a bit aimlessly and some what hungry, I thought that I would steal some of the ground lamb I had been working with. Looking around for something to do with it, my eyes hit on some flax seed that I had bought for sound nutrition with new recipes.

I took about a teaspoon of the tiny, shiny black-brown seeds and knesded them into a burger's worth of the lamb. Somehow olive oil didn't seem right. Instead I barely coated the pan with sesame oil and patted both sides of the burger with more seeds, kosher salt and ground black pepper. By the time I had seared each side--less than a minute each--I had a delicious treat.

The novelty of collision.

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