Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey Talking

Yes, Thanksgiving is over; but not my report.
First of all, in the middle of cooking for twenty-four people, the ceiling of the kitchen sprang a leak and the a whole electric circuit went out. I am happy to tell you I made it anyhow.
An actual pleasure was a turkey new to me. I was somewhat scared to cook a kind of bird that I had never cooked before. It worked fine in my usual method (Roasting A Simple Art) even though I had to cram the turkeys neck to tail in the largest pan that I had that would go in the oven.
The turkey variety is a Bourbon Red and mine was grown by a retired physician, Dr. Beals. He and his faily grow them as a quasi hobby. They are free range and organic. This health connection is one of the ways that he got int raising turkeys. This way of growing them means that they take twenty-eight weeks to come to market weight instead of the usual sixteen. Every bit of the meat was eaten or grabbed to take home. They were a great success. I am trying to encourage Dr. Beals to expand his farming. If I do, I will report.
The birds are fully flavored and tender. Brining them would be a sin and they certainly don't need basting.
They are available only for Thanksgiving. It was my husband who encouraged me--nagged--to try heritage turkeys. I must say I was enchanted by two very young ones that came to visit the farmers' market in Cold Spring.
I made a new--gluten-free--stuffing with jarred, unsweetened chestnuts na a crnaberry sauce with raw cranberries, sugair and black currant syrup. There was lots more; but that is enough for today.

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