Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exotic Sources for Simple and Good

Syrian Spice Market

I have just returned from Egypt, Syria and Jordan. As expected it was breath taking. My only fear was not political, but being food fixated, I anticipated starvation. What to eat in a Yogurt and wheat culture.
I did get a bit tired of chickpeas and eggplant; but sadly it didn't cause me to loose weight--a minus.
In fact, I picked up a few new recipes and tips which was a plus.
A shop in a souk in Damascus gave me great pleasure and culinary disappointment. The very real as well as fabulous, frankincense and mhyr smell perfumed everything around me; but so far unless someone helps out they seem to be unusable in cooking. If I could eat custards, I suppose I could try shaving and sprinkling some on top. Come to think of it, I will try some sort of cereal custard.
I had a fabulous cold drink, a mint and lemon mixture. Look in recipe section and save for summer.

Syrian Pizza

Syrian Mint Cooler


CatherineMarie said...

Can you eat eggs? I made a 'custard' by accident with tofu, egg yolks, and brown sugar... You could also use almond milk.....

Barbara said...

Thank you. I love happy accidents. Do send me your recipe and let me know if I may publish it. Also would you like written credit?