Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Farinaceous Fun

For my new book, I have been working on a seemingly endless chart of weights, measures, cooking times, yields and ratios of dry to liquid. What is amazing is that after all these years I still am making discoveries. It's not just playing with ingredients that are not usual for me such as quinoa and flax seed. It is discovering things that can be done with them that I had never thought of. I have taken to using uncooked quinoa instead of bread crumbs to coat moist foods--marinated sometimes--that are to be sauteed or fried. I discovered that cooking flax seed makes it gooey and able to hols other foods together much like an egg yolk--besides they taste good. I hope that new flavors and usages continue to emerge. I would love any suggestions. Credit will be given. As I get them under control, I will post some recipes....Many more of these foods are availablf these days than they used tobe. Not inyour neighborhood, try on-line.

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