Friday, February 26, 2010

Quinoa Seriously Salad

My gluten intolerance has introduced me to a new love, the highly nutritious, quinoa--same nutrition profile as milk. I'm also lactose intolerant. It's quick and easy to make now that it is sold pre-washed. A little more than twice by volume as much water or stock as quinoa. I usually add a little olive oil. It only needs to boil for about fourteen minutes. I keep it on hand in the refrigerator to add to soups and to go with stews and whatever else I might want.
Today, I was hungry at lunch time, but didn't fancy anything heavy. I took two cups of cooked quinoa and mounded them on a plate. I topped that with a quarter-of-a pound of peppers roasted with garlic that I also had on hand. Jarred would work. I cut them in half-inch squares and put them on top of the center of the quinoa. I surrounded the mound with chunks cut fromathree-ounce tomato. I dribbled the whole thing with about two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of lemon juice and sprinklings of salt and pepper. The finishing touch was a packed tablespoon of small mint leaves.
It was enough for two or three--I always over-provide--as a lunch. It would make a beautiful first course for at least four people.
It's nutritious, lean, vegan and delicious.
I hope that you try it sometime.


dontcallmejane(at)gmail(dot)com said...

I had this salad for the first time last month and have been craving it ever since, thank you for reminding me that I need to learn how to cook this so I can have it everyday!

Barbara said...

Not every day; but often. Quinoa: two parts water boiled with some salt to one part grain, about thirteen minutes at slightly reduced heat. Stir in some olive oil at the end so it doesn't get sticky. Have fun.

Barbara Hunter said...

Yay, I did not know it was pre-washed I will start buying it again. Just discovered recently that I am gluten intolerant so I am on a fun, new culinary journey.