Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shad Run

Shad is one of my favorite fish; not the roe--good as that is--but the fish. I know that they are running because my excellent fish store, Dorian's (12125352256), called me to say that the shad and roe were in. I ordered two whole fillets for our dinner. It is a subtle , moist and elegant fish that I have made many times, but always with butter. So I made one with butter and, anxiously, one with drizzles of olive oil in place of the butter. The buttered fish--tiny dabs between the leaves of the fillet and on top--was considerably larger than the one I was experimenting with. I fired up both broilers with the racks at the top. The buttered fillet took about six minutes and the smaller one about four. it is easy to check when they are done; just slip a knife under one fold and check that the flesh its totally opaque.
I am happy to report that the olive oil was not an intrusion and I thoroughly enjoyed my treat.
I served the fish with lemon on the side along with the salt and pepper and new potatoes cooked in the microwave--five minutes--and slim string beans boiled on top of the stove. The vegetables shared--on the plate--with the butter and the olive oil. It was a quick, divine meal. Enjoy Spring when it finally comes.

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