Wednesday, May 19, 2010


well, I finally discovered the caviar of the fruit world..Not taste--price. The beautiful fruit is mild in taste and silky in texture. It makes a superb ice cream. I really cannot suggest it considering that pint would cost more than $60. The season is short. If anyone wants me to give them a recipe go the AskBarbara section of the Web page. I will answer...I couldn't resist trying it.


CeenthyWind said...

Only cost $1 a pound in my place.
And it has a fresh milk but still fruit perfume.

murfomurf said...

Mmm- would be delicious! I love to make lychee sorbet when the fruits are at the local markets- it's heavenly in hot weather. Also, when i visited China they had bulk lychees at their markets and I was able to eat my fill of them everyday for about $1 a bag! I never wanted to come home!