Thursday, May 6, 2010

Broccoli-Ginger Soup

Well, last night it was back to my own cooking for a few friends. I made a new soup--later today on blog,, under recipes. I made boneless sirloin as steak is better here than Paris. I actually made two pieces so that I could have some for those who like it quite rare like me and another, a little thinner, for those who don't like red blood. I used olive oil, salt and pepper and deglazed the pan with some water.
I also baked potatoes and picked some chives from the box outside my front door. I pulled off the flower petals and thinly sliced the greens eschewing the though ones. I put green and lavender in separate small dishe so that people could sprinkle some on top of the crushed potato after they had put on butter or olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.
There was a green salad with tiny tomatoes and fruit salad for dessert and bread for those who could eat it. Champagne was for starters, red wine for the steak and Vin de Paille from our partly owned Tablas Creek (divine) for dessert. Everybody seemed happy.
It was a pretty quick meal.


Wise Take said...

This sounds yummy.

Barbara said...

A friend commented that this sounded delicious. i thank them