Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mexican with Class

Yesterday night we were going to seee Arcadia at the Barrymore Theater. We were looking for a good place to eat before the 7:00 curtain. A quick reading of the current Zagat for New York City brought us to Hell's Kitchen at 679 Nineth Avenue between 46th and 47th streets. ( 212 977 1588).
The name is not for a hot sauce but for what this area of the city was called in the old days. I really think it is worth while going too--even without theater. Be sure to reserve; it is small and gets crowded.
It is both definitely Mexican and creative at the same time. They make their own tortillas both wheat and corn. They were very sensitive to my gluten problem. The wait person suggested that I have plain white corn tortillas rather than having fried as chips to dip into my excellent guacamole. She explained that they are fried in the same oil as food using wheat and there was a slight risk of contamination.
Similarly, they spontaneously substituted a delicious papaya salsa with chunks of fruit for a forbidden side dish.
The salmon I ordered was well seasoned without having the spice overwhelm the fish. The fish also came moist and slightly under cooked as requested.
There were many other alluring dishes that I will try another time. I will stick with the excellent anajo margarita; but there is a large selection to choose from.

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