Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Kitchen Accidents

That's what I call the dishes that occur when I find myself without my usual ingredients for a dish and am too lazy to go out or am in the country far from a store.
This past weekend we were going to be four for dinner. I had a steak and asparagus from the garden for a main course, but couldn't think of what to make for a starter. Then, i realized that I had seven large scallops left from a prior meal. A little skimpy to serve on their own. Rooting around provided me with a red and a yellow bell pepper and a bottle of ginger teriyaki sauce. I removed the hardish exterior muscles from the scallops and cut them in half from side to side making two thinnish rounds out of each. I seeded the peppers and cut them top to bottom into thinnish strips. I sauteed the pepper strips in canola oil until about half cooked without browning.
I added some snipets--about a heaping tablespoon of garlic shoots that the present guests had brought.I added the scallop pieces and cooked until opaque and stirred in a dollop of the sauce. It was quick, pretty and enough for four and was declared delicious.
Next will be a recipe for an accidental shrimp dish.

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